CLC Is Beautiful and Charming in “Pepe” MV

Cube Entertainment’s new girl group CLC revealed their music video for their title track “Pepe.” This song is from their debut mini-album “First Love.”

“Pepe” was written and composed by Duble Sidekick and Yang Geng. The five member girl groups shows off their charms and soulful singing in the retro dance number.

The melody is quite catchy as it repeats the chorus throughout the song. It has been revealed that Rain actually participating in creating the dance for this song as well.

The group will have their debut stage on M!Countdown and perform their title song “Pepe” as “First Love.” They already had their debut showcase at AX-Korea on March 18 and performed “Pepe” in front of many fans.

Because it has been six years since Cube Entertainment last debuted a girl group, CLC is receiving a lot of interest and attention. At the showcase the members revealed their intention to perform globally and show off their distinct characteristics and charms.

Check out their music video below!