Ji Chang Wook Transforms into a Kingsman for Singles

Singles magazine has released photos from their photo shoot and interview with Ji Chang Wook.

The photo shoot took place in six different locations in Seoul. His outfits ranged from casual to formal and he pulled off all of his looks with style and charisma. Despite the long hours, the actor reflected his professionalism through his concentration and hard work. He answered questions about his recently finished popular drama “Healer” as well as questions about his future plans.


“Healer” has catapulted the actor into a top star. The actor answered questions about the love he is receiving and commented, “I’m not the type to care too much and be self-conscious of other people. I’m fine as long as it doesn’t disturb what I am doing. Most people just stare or take a picture quietly [when they see me].”


He also shared his requirements in selecting a project and revealed, “My requirements are very subjective. First of all, the script has to be fun. The role has to have charm and I must have confidence that I can be that character. These are the three factors I consider most.

When asked about his feelings concerning writer Song Ji Na’s script for “Healer,” the actor replied, “When a script is difficult it can actually be a source of joy for actors. If a script is too easy, it can make the acting boring and tedious. I contemplated a lot for every scene I filmed, but I’m thankful to the writer for giving me something to be concerned about.”


As for his dating style, Ji Chang Wook shared, “I’m not as sensitive as Jung Hoo [in “Healer”]. But I’m neither a cold guy nor a bad boy. I try to adjust to the woman” and laughed.

You can see more of his interview and photo shoot in the April issue of Singles magazine as well as on their official homepage.

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