Kim Woo Bin Turns Down Offer for Hong Sisters’ New Drama

After previously having been in talks to star in an upcoming Wednesday-Thursday MBC drama by the Hong Sisters titled “Feeling Good” (working title)—which was formerly known as “Jejudo Gatsby”—actor Kim Woo Bin has ultimately decided not to take up the casting offer.

On March 19, a representative of Sidus HQ told OSEN, “Although [Kim Woo Bin] has continued to discuss [the offer] closely, even until today, the casting was ultimately turned down. There was not enough time. Unfortunately, it fell through in the end because filming for ‘Feeling Good’ needed to begin soon. However, [the actor’s] schedules have already been decided through the middle of April. [He] would also need time to prepare [for the role] prior to filming in order to show a perfect image in ‘Feeling Good,’ which is why there is a lack of time.”

Last month, it had been reported that Kim Woo Bin was reviewing the offer for this new drama for a role opposite actress Kang Sora.

Meanwhile, “Feeling Good” is expected to begin airing in May.

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