Park Shi Hoo Reportedly Planning on Making Comeback in Korea

Actor Park Shi Hoo has been reported to be planning on his Korean comeback after a two-year hiatus in the country.

According numerous sources in the industry, the actor is in talks to star in a cable drama.

An associate from the actor’s side told the media, “He has been looking over various projects in Korea since last year. There are some possibilities that are being discussed, but nothing has been set in stone.”

They further continued, “It is not like he is restrained in the activities he chooses to do, so we are open to possibilities. But as said, nothing is confirmed at this point.” Park Shi Hoo is currently not banned from any networks.

The actor has been mostly active abroad, in Japan and China. His Chinese film “After Lovewill be opening in theaters in 2015.

Previously, he was involved in a sexual assault case in 2013. The charges were eventually dropped.