“We Got Married” Ep. 263 – First Impressions

We Got Married” was very exciting this week because not only did they add four new people to their show, but they also added an extra twist to the show as well. Super Junior-M‘s Henry, CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun, Yewon, and rookie actress Gong Seung Yeon are the new faces of the show, but instead of being paired up together by the production team, they will be choosing their partners for themselves. Each couple pairing will have 2 hours for their first date and then the guys will each have to choose who they want as their wife on the show. They only showed half of the dates in this episode: Henry and Yewon, and Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon. Let’s get into another “We Got Married” recap with bubbybribri!

1) SoRim Jejudo Trip

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Our SoRim couple continued their Jeju Island date at the amusement park. After riding the Viking, they went on other rides and ended the date by going on this “Disco” ride, which is a ride where you are seated (without seat belts) and the circular ride just keeps turning, causing the passengers to move around all over the place. Kim So Eun asked her husband if he would protect her on the ride, so Song Jae Rim stood over So Eun, while holding the rail so that she wouldn’t go flying. Even as the ride slowly started moving, Jae Rim was all over the place and eventually had to grab onto So Eun. Although he tried to maintain his balance and protect her, he ended up sitting on her and holding onto her more. But because he had his arms and legs around her and was holding her, the studio audience thought skinship was the reason why this ride was created. Good for them though, right? Jae Rim even said in his interview that he recommended this ride for the new couples coming in.

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They went back to their lodging to prepare dinner. Jae Rim said he would make her steamed seafood with the seafood they “caught” in the ocean. But they also went grocery shopping earlier to get more ingredients. While Jae Rim was preparing the dinner, So Eun was preparing something special for her husband for his birthday, but he caught on so quickly. Since it was recently Jae Rim’s birthday, she prepared seaweed soup (which is the traditional soup for birthdays) and made a cake out of choco pies, yogurt, and strawberries. It was cute just watching them interact and cook together. It’s funny how she was in the zone just preparing for his birthday and just talking to him, but when she looked up, Jae Rim was staring right at her, asking her what she was doing. They finished preparing all the food and they sang the happy birthday song for Jae Rim. Jae Rim ran upstairs to grab something, which was soju, but for some reason he didn’t want her to smell it. So Eun then realized that it was their “doraji” alcohol (the one they keep in a huge bottle) from home. He somehow managed to bring it with them. They took a bite of the steamed seafood soup at the same time and they were just silent. Both were speechless, wondering what went wrong with the taste. In her interview, So Eun bluntly stated that it was weirder than the mackerel kebab they ate in Turkey. Acting like she had to spit her food out upstairs, So Eun went up to grab Jae Rim’s birthday gift. It was a gift that blew him off his feet. She gifted him with new biker shoes that fit perfectly and he was so thrilled. He was smiling from ear to ear and was so happy that he said that the food even tasted better. They ended the night with karaoke and some dancing. Jae Rim remembered that So Eun said that one day, they should go to a karaoke place to relieve stress. He remembered and prepared it for her. What an awesome way to spend your birthday! It’s the little things that make this couple so happy.

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2) House Date: Henry & Yewon

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Welcome Henry! I personally love Henry because he has this charm that is entertaining and lovable. He is so honest with his character and personality that it just puts people in a good mood when watching him. Henry received his mission card and it had an address on it. He realized that it was the girl’s house and he started getting nervous all of a sudden. While Henry was contemplating on which outfit to wear, Yewon was getting anxious herself and fixing her hair and makeup. And they both ran into and spun in their perfume and cologne. Wow, matching already are we? Before Henry left, he contemplated a very serious issue. He was conflicted because of his shoe lifts. He thought that if he kept them on it would definitely make him taller and better looking, but it wouldn’t be showing his true self. He didn’t to be dishonest about who he was from the beginning, so he ended up taking them out before leaving. Henry is so entertaining and quirky that it makes the show so much fun! He called comedian Lee Gook Joo to ask her if she knows anyone who lives in the area, but was shocked to hear her say that she lived close to there. She told him she would come over to meet him, but he declined and took a breath of relief afterwards. He went to the local convenience store and tried to buy some things that she might like. So he decided on warm soy milk and some lollipops. He even bought mouth freshener and air freshener to make sure he smelled good. He didn’t know how to do his tie, so he asked the security guard of the building. He put too much mouth freshener in his mouth, so it was too spicy and he also sprayed the air freshener on his socks just in case. After much hesitation and anxiety, Yewon finally let him in her home.

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Although it was extremely awkward in the beginning, the two decided to be informal with each other because they are the same age. It’s so interesting how their humor matched and they sort of started to connect a lot better afterwards. Because Henry is from the States, he was still not used to the formalities Korean culture had, so he stated in his interview that having a wife who was the same age as him would be good. Henry gifted her with everything he used himself. How funny! Their quirky and cheesy humor is perfect for each other. After getting him a kiwi, Henry said that he was hungry so Yewon offered to make him a bagel. But Henry instantly thought of an idea, so he asked her if he could actually make something for her to eat. While he was looking for ingredients, he picked out two rotten apples from her refrigerator. He decided he only needed milk and eggs because he was going to make her an omelette. Henry was on a roll cracking the eggs with one hand, when all of a sudden, he cracked one of the eggs into the bowl with the shells. The omelette didn’t come out as nice as he wanted, so he told her he would do better next time. He was definitely nervous.

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After they ate, Henry asked her to play the keyboard for him. After much persuading and begging, she agreed to play for him. As she played, he just sat there staring at her. He thought she looked really pretty as she played the piano. They sat side by side as they also played a duet on the piano together. It was like watching a romantic scene from a movie. They messed up, so they decided that they would practice more and then perform a duet on the streets officially later on. All of a sudden, Henry asked if he could use the bathroom for about 4 minutes, causing everyone including Yewon to figure out that he was going to do his business in the bathroom. He even took his phone and the air freshener, causing everyone to laugh. He told Yewon to play the piano while he was in the bathroom and you could hear Henry turning up his music too. He had no shame when it came to using the bathroom. While Yewon was giving him a tour of her apartment, her dog went to the bathroom on her floor. Henry offered to clean it up while she changed her outfit. How nice of him!

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Both of them held the qualities the other was looking for in a husband/wife. Both of them also expressed their interest in each other and how they wanted to get to know each other better. I guess we will have to find out this upcoming week!

3) Campus Date: Jong Hyun & Seung Yeon

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Lee Jong Hyun has established himself not only as a singer, musician, and an actor, but now we will get to see if he is husband material too! Just a side note and I don’t know if anyone else caught onto this, but both he and Yewon, who he hasn’t gone on a date with yet, opened the door to receive the mission card with their dogs. They also both said to their dogs that a mommy or daddy was going to be coming. It was interesting how they said the same things! But as of now, with the couples, everything is up in the air!

Enter in Gong Seung Yeon! She is a new actress, but you might recognize her from dramas like “My Lovely Girl” and “Heard it Through the Grapevine.” They were both on their way to enjoy a campus date with each other, but the fact that Jong Hyun had to go on two dates and decide stayed in his brain and he thought it would be more difficult than he thought. On his way there, Jong Hyun picked up two bouquets of roses for the two girls he was going to meeting. He was not only nervous for the dates, but also because the first date with Seung Yeon would be at a women’s college and he didn’t know what was going to happen. As expected, there were flocks of girls all around him as he walked to the meeting location. When they met, they both kind of didn’t know who the other was or what they did. He gave her the flowers and this made Seung Yeon really happy because she mentioned in her interview that she always had the fantasy about receiving flowers from a guy. Jong Hyun really liked her from the beginning because he was seriously smiling from ear to ear.

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They were totally immersed in the campus date routine because they even ate lunch together in the cafeteria. They walked and got to know each other better by asking questions to one another. Jong Hyun was so blunt and straight forward because he even told her that he fell for her right when he saw her. He was enjoying himself so much that he told her that he would even stop the timer just so time would go slower. Seung Yeon’s eyes are so light and pretty and he told her that he thought her eyes were pretty. Wow, he really knows what to say to make a girl swoon. As they talked, they kept finding out more of the things they had in common. They found out that they even have the same dog breeds. The only thing that they didn’t have in common was their taste in food. Seung Yeon enjoys foods like marinated chicken feet and grilled intestine, which Jong Hyun is not completely a fan of. Seung Yeon loves chicken feet, but in Jong Hyun’s interview, he mentioned how he wished his future wife would not enjoy eating it.

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Wherever they walked, there were always girls following and fangirling from behind. They went to grab some coffee and headed towards a classroom. As they sat down in a quiet classroom, they had about an hour left. Jong Hyun was already becoming protective as he asked her if she met the other guy. When she said, “No,” he quickly expressed that he didn’t want her to meet him. He already fell for her. When asked about his ideal type, he told her that he didn’t have one, but it was more based off of the feelings he gets the first time he sees a girl. Her ideal type was a guy who was manly in both his physical appearance and his personality. So in response, Jong Hyun told her that he lived his whole life trying to be a guy like that. Seung Yeon told him that she always looks at a guy’s eyebrows first. She complimented him by saying his eyebrows were nice and dark, which made him really happy. She noticed his guitar so he played a song for her by Lee Sun Hee. But he also told her that he would play the guitar for her again, implying that he wanted to see her again. After he showed her what he enjoys doing, she told him that she went to calligraphy school when she was younger and that her hobby was to write her friend’s names in Chinese characters and give it to them as a gift. She wrote his name in Chinese characters on the chalk board and added “oppa” and a heart at the end. This was a knock down for Jong Hyun. He said he usually doesn’t like being called “oppa,” but he liked it when she wrote it and said it out loud. He told her that he would try his best to be a good “oppa,” and she said she would do her best to be a good “dongseng” (someone younger). Jong Hyun responded, “No, you have to become a good wife.” How awesome was that? They had a pretty cute date too!

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The vibes these couples give off is so different from one another. I felt like Henry and Yewon were more comfortable, casual, and playful with one another with their witty and cheesy humor. Jong Hyun and Seung Yeon had their own kind of humor, but they took things slower and tried to really get to know each other better. They were also really open with their feelings about one another, but in subtle ways. The paces of these two couples were really different. I guess we will have to find out the results this weekend!

Comment below and tell me which couple you liked the best or who you are looking forward to seeing on the show!

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