“Superman Returns” Triplets and Twins Have a Birthday Party

The Song Triplets (Dae Han, Min Gook, and Man Se) and Lee Twins (Seo Eon and Seo Joon) enjoy a special joint birthday party on “Superman Returns.”

The upcoming 70th episode will show the triplets and twins celebrating their birthdays together as they were born exactly one year and one day apart.

Their fathers Song Il Gook and Lee Hwi Jae make efforts to make the birthday celebration special since the five toddlers are celebrating together for the first time. Viewers are curious as to whether the party will go as planned considering that five children can be quite a handful.

Delicious birthday cake proves to be a winner amongst the five boys. In unison they say, “Please give us cake! Cake!” Their cute demands ends up tormenting their fathers as they continue their requests saying, “Please cut the cake!” after the candles are blown out. Having to cater to five children results in headaches for the fathers and causes Lee Hwi Jae to ask, “Can we just feed them instead?”

On their special day, the boys also wear matching clothes and take photos to commemorate the occasion. In an effort to keep the boys in one place the fathers turn on a cartoon movie. Unfortunately, the kids keep taking turns in trying to escape. Song Il Gook even breaks a sweat over the babysitting ordeal.

More of their birthday celebration can be seen on March 22.