Rap Monster Discusses His Dark Days of Middle School

A hilarious middle school graduation picture of BTS member Rap Monster was revealed on Thursday night’s episode of tVN’s “Problematic Men.”

The show’s guests, which included Jun Hyun Moo, Ha Suk Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Tyler, and Lee Jang Won, discussed the “right to know and right to forget.” During the show, Jun Hyun Moo asked Rap Monster if there was “a dark part of his history that he would like to forget.” In response, Rap Monster replied, “There’s a lot. In particular, my middle school graduation picture.” He continued, saying, “I had a big bowl hair cut and wore big, round glasses.”


At that, the show’s production passed around a collage of each of the guests’ embarrassing photos. Included in Rap Monster’s collage was his middle school graduation photo, a photo of him in dreads, and a photo of him dressed like a woman.

Kim Ji Suk then asked, “Why did you have a bowl cut?” to which Rap Monster replied, “A lot of people had bowl cuts in 2008.”

“You can say what you want about the other photos, but my middle school graduation picture is what I’m really embarrassed about,” Rap Monster said, drawing laughter from everyone.