Red Velvet Reassures That There Will Be No More Member Changes

Red Velvet, who has recently made a comeback as five members with new member Yeri, has reassured their fans that there will be no more member changes to the group.

In a recent interview, Red Velvet was asked whether there will continue to be changes to the group. They answered, “There were many rumors about this. There was a rumor that said that there were six pieces of cake in the music video, so there will eventually be six members, and another that we will end up with 12 members. But there will be no more changes.” The interviewer than clarified, “Does that mean it’ll always be the five of you?” and the all of them agreed, “Yes.”

Meanwhile, Red Velvet made a comeback with double title songs “Ice Cream Cake” and “Automatic,” and has successfully shown both their fun side that is the “red” part of their name and also their feminine side that is “velvet.”

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