Lee Kyung Gyu’s Daughter Cries after Reflecting on Her Relationship with Her Father

Lee Kyung Gyu‘s daughter Lee Ye Rim reveals that she cried after watching “Take Care of My Dad,” which she is currently appearing on with her father.

On the first episode of SBS‘ “Take Care of My Dad” which aired on March 21, Lee Ye Rim says, “The other daughters on the show were so feminine. I felt that I was the only one who was so boyish and curt.”

She also says, “When I was having a hard time about the puppy, Dad was blunt nagging at me. I thought he was being too cold, but when I watched the broadcast, I realized that that wasn’t the case. I was watching it with my friends and we cried together. I think he thinks about a lot of things [that he doesn’t express outwardly],” relaying that she was touched by her father.

“Take Care of My Dad” is a show that shows the healing process of strained father-daughter relationships between dads in their 50s and daughters in their 20s, and airs every Saturday.

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