Yang Hyun Suk Promotes YG By Dissing Antenna Music and JYP on “K-Pop Star”

Yang Hyun Suk actively promoted YG Entertainment to the “K-Pop Star” participants.

On the episode of SBS’s “K-Pop Star” aired on March 22, Esther Kim, Park Yoon Ha, Katy Kim, Lee Jin Ah, Jung Seung Hwan, and Lily M perform their second live stage in order to pick the top four.

During YG week with the six participants, Yang Hyun Suk says, “I need to promote YG, and I think the fastest way in doing so is to talk bad about the other companies.”

On Antenna Music he says, “Yoo Hee Yeol has such a good image. The bad thing about Antenna Music is that Kwon Jin Ah, from season three, still hasn’t made a debut,” pointing out that whoever joins from season four would likely debut later than her.

yg k-pop star 2

On JYP he says, “Park Jin Young will pour all his effort into you because he is the one who makes the songs. However, I have ten other people like Park Jin Young in YG.”

yg k-pop star 3

“Make sure you thoroughly think through which managing agency you want to go to. You have to be serious about it because this decision will change your life. I will say, though, that you have the best chance of succeeding in YG,” Yang Hyun Suk added.