Kim So Yeon, Jung Kyung Ho, and Yoon Hyun Min Show Off Chemistry in Photo Shoot for ELLE Magazine

The stars of JTBC‘s new drama “Falling for Innocence,” Kim So Yeon, Jung Kyung Ho, and Yoon Hyun Min, are featured in a stunning set of photos in ELLE magazine’s April issue. They also answer some questions about their upcoming show and former projects.

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Although the three actors appear very serious in these black-and-white photos, they say that they actually have a lot of fun on set and enjoy making each other laugh. In ELLE’s interview, the actors provide readers with a glimpse at their group dynamic. Kim So Yeon says, “The two of them have such a great sense of humor, and we’re all casual with each other, so it’s very comfortable.”

Yoon Hyun Min gushes, “Kim So Yeon is a total angel. I talked to Jung Kyung Ho hyung about it too. We’ve never seen an actress like her before.”

kim so yeon
Kim So Yeon appeared last fall on a special female celebrity special of the army variety show “Real Men.” She says that while she was filming, she discovered how comfortable it was to not be dressed up. “I thought I should never go on TV without my makeup on,” she admits. “I believed that I shouldn’t be caught looking like that. But then when it actually happened, it wasn’t a big deal. I gained courage from people reacting so positively when I looked like that. I want to use that kind of everyday realness in ‘Falling from Innocence’ too.”

When asked why he chose to star in this drama, Jung Kyung Ho says that he decided to turn away from his typically more serious roles because he wanted to make people laugh. “They’re calling our drama a romantic healing drama,” he says. “I want to laugh a lot while we’re filming and have a good time too.”

The first episode of “Falling for Innocence” will be airing on April 3. Will you be watching to see how the story of their love triangle unfolds?

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