Sohee in Talks for Upcoming Disaster Movie “To Busan”

Sohee of Wonder Girls is currently in talks to star in an upcoming movie titled “To Busan.”

An associate from her agency BH Entertainment told the media, “She has gotten an offer to appear in the film, but it has not been finalized yet. However, she is currently reviewing the role positively.”

She has been offered the role of the baseball team manager in the high-profile film. Previously, Gong Yoo, Jung Yoo Miand Ma Dong Suk have been confirmed for the movie.

“To Busan” will be a blockbuster disaster movie about the people aboard the KTX train from Seoul to Busan while a virus spreads in Seoul. It will be the live-action debut from director Yeon Sang Ho, known for his dark animated films like “The King of Pigs” and “The Fake.”

Sohee’s last movie was in 2008, when she appeared in “Hellcats.”