The Korean Chicken Craze Is Real; This Is as Obsessed as You Can Possibly Get

Chicken addiction.

Inability to stop eating chicken. Moodiness for chicken. Bad temper for chicken. Feeling empty for chicken. Having a good supply of chicken. Or money. To buy chicken. (Subsequent) Financial difficulties for chicken. The whole nine yards and then some.

Have you ever eaten something every day for five years? Probably not.

On the March 23 episode of KBS’ “Hello Counselor,” a show that attempts to give solutions to people with all types of concerns, Yang Sung Chul, in concern for his daughter’s health and well-being, brings her on the show. His daughter (pictured above) has eaten chicken every night for the past five years.

hello counselor chicken addiction 2

“I have a bakery, and one of our customers owns a chicken restaurant. While my daughter was working part time at that restaurant, she had a taste of the chicken, and ever since then, she eats it every night,” says Mr. Yang.

One month’s worth of chicken for Mr. Yang’s daughter costs about one million KRW (approx. 900 USD), says Mr. Yang. “She earns about 1.75 million KRW a month, and she blows it all on chicken.”

hello counselor chicken addiction

And money isn’t the only issue. Concerned for his daughter’s health, Mr. Yang states that after she started eating chicken, his daughter has gained about 30 kilograms (approx. 66 pounds).

Mr. Yang’s daughter, who was present in the audience, says in all seriousness, “It’s so good I can’t stop. I feel like I’m on top of the world when I’m eating chicken,” and explains that she gets withdrawal symptoms if she doesn’t have any. “The most I’ve eaten recently is two and a half at once.” Chicken has become such a staple of her life; she explains that depending on her mood, the type of chicken she has changes: seasoned for good days, plain fried for bad days, and half-and-half for average days.

hello counselor hyun young

hello counselor heyne

Have you ever had a crazy addiction to anything? How long did it last?

Meanwhile, this episode of “Hello Counselor” guest-starred Hyun Young, comedian Heo Kyung Hwan, Yang Sang Guk, and singer Heyne.

Bonus: Korea’s very own ode to chicken.

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