Top Ten K-Drama Moments Of The Week – March Week 4

There were lots of good times in K-dramaland this past week, so, we’ve got excellent picks for this top ten!


1. “Heard It Through The Grapevine“: Anything he can do, she can do better

In an attempt to make Seo Bom worthy of their precious son, In Sang‘s parents decide to focus on her education. They don’t think she’s stupid but they don’t think she’s smart either and as far as they can see, there’s no way her poor background could not have negatively affected her. However, as expected of a drama wherein the rich, snobbish family always gets its just desserts, they learn that not only is she smarter than their son, it would be beneficial to enroll her in his classes so that she can influence him. We loved it because once again, they got put in their place but on the other hand, In Sang’s father loved it because it means that he has a worthy daughter-in-law. Win-win?

2. “Hogu’s Love“: Kissing can lead to rubber legs

We’ve been waiting patiently for more of Do Hee‘s personality and feelings to be shown, and happily this past week, the relationship with Hogu from her perspective was finally revealed. Who knew he was her first love? *squeals*

When Do Hee returned, Hogu could tell something was wrong, so, he offered a hug since his family embraces each other without asking questions. Acting upon her feelings, Do Hee kissed him and his reaction was priceless. Once the door closed, his legs turned to rubber, complete with hilarious sound effects, but it wasn’t just him! Inside, Do Hee was also weak-kneed, falling to the ground. Gaaah! We can’t get enough of this couple!


3. “Unkind Women“: Take her word for it

Thinking she may have injured her back after falling hard during a kendo sparring session, Roo Oh takes Ma Ri to the hospital. While they wait in the ER, Roo Oh tests her for any loss of sensation, first pinching her hands, and when he touches the sole of her left foot, she tells him she isn’t ticklish on that side but her other foot is twice as sensitive. Unable to control himself, Roo Oh tickles the right foot anyway … and OUCH! Ma Ri quickly kicks the devilish smile off his face! LOL. This is a must repeat scene!

4. “Angry Mom“: Who’s the boss?

At the sight of the abusive words scrawled all over her daughter’s school desk, mom aka schoolgirl Jo Kang Ja is overcome with tears. It’s at this time that the female bullies make her their next target, but when she learns they’re the vandals of the desk, she takes them to task. Things escalate as the overseer of the bullies steps in to protect them, and when Kang Ja turns her rage on him, she’s interrupted by the well-meaning homeroom teacher, Park No Ah. Heh, he isn’t safe either because she instantly puts him in a chokehold. When Kang Ja is on the warpath, no one is safe!


5. “Shine or Go Crazy“: The Cheerleader

We may like to act tough, but we’re suckers for cliché romances. Yes, the ones where princes forget they are royalty and treat everyone like equals. We really enjoyed this scene because Prince Wang So took it upon himself to cheer up Shin Yool‘s family and employees after they’d been left destitute by the evil Consul Wang. Although it was cold, he told jokes and fed them on a cold night. Who wouldn’t smile at this?! What a prince!


6. “Unkind Women“: You better say sorry!

It has been many years since their teacher-student days, but the bitterness between Na Hyun Ae and Kim Hyun Seok is as intense now as it was back then. When Hyun Ae spots Hyun Seok at a private art exhibition, she insults her and tells her to get lost. Jang Mo Ran witnesses the bullying and ambushes Hyun Ae, pulling her hair back and demanding her to apologize to her former student. While violence doesn’t resolve anything, we wish we could high-five Mo Ran for defending Hyun Seok and ruffling Hyun Ae’s smugness.


7. “Hyde, Jekyll, Me“: Once and for all, you’re one and the same!

Alter personality Robin had been stubborn about keeping his identity separate from Seo Jin. However, when Seo Jin posed as him since he had been missing, Robin realized that no one suspected the impersonation, not even Ha Na. It finally hit Robin that he is Seo Jin. Talk about a cliffhanger!


8. “Blood“: This isn’t a dream

When Ri Ta is stuck at home with a fever, her best friend sends Ji Sang to take care of her. Ji Sang remains by Ri Ta’s bedside throughout the night, and despite their usual banter, the two grow closer as they reminisce some more about their past. When Ri Ta questions whether their childhood encounter (which involved a kiss) and this present moment are a dream or reality, Ji Sang leans in towards her and smiles as if daring her to check out the answer. She does, holding his face in her hands.

As romance goes, “Blood” has slim pickings, but we’ll take what we can get! However, we hope Ji Sang won’t wait too long to start dating Ri Ta since we’re already past the halfway point of the series!


9. “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle“: Karma’s a beyotch!

To say Chun Woon Tak is a bad guy is a major understatement, and he has begun reaping the punishment he deserves now that his pregnant wife has left him. When Woon Tak visits him in prison, Han Young Pyo basks in our wicked hero’s misery, gloating that Lee Soon Jin ran away after he told her the truth. Woon Tak is outraged but can’t do a thing because as Young Pyo reminds him, he’s in prison.

Woon Tak, who destroyed a family, now knows the pain of losing one, and we hope this is only the beginning of his bad karma.

10. “Rosy Lovers“: Tell no lies or else

After his daughter Baek Jang Mi told the truth about abandoning her infant daughter, Man Jong still attempts to secure votes for his election by lying again. At a campaign event, he tells a crowd that he was the one who insisted that Jang Mi come clean, but the people aren’t fooled and pelt him with eggs. Meanwhile, we let out a long, satisfied sigh. With the end nearing for this weekend drama, it’s time for all the baddies to pay for their crimes. Muahaha.

Well, that’s it for this top ten, but please let us know your personal picks! Thanks for hanging out with us, and join us again next time!

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