Sistar’s Bora Joins Instagram

Sistar‘s member Bora has joined the world of Instagram!

Following her group mate Hyorin who joined Instagram earlier this month, Bora also opened up her own profile on the popular photo-sharing social media site.

Similar to Hyorin’s Instagram, Bora’s first Instagram was also of her pet. She has posted an image of her puppy, with the caption that read, “Seolstagram start! Golf ball became Seol’s toy. Seol’s guarding the ball! Isn’t it cute? #Bora #Start #Seolyi #Whitepuppy.” Hyorin’s first post on Instagram was of her cats.

Although the account has been open for less than a day, she has already gained over 15,000 followers.

Many celebrities have recently opened their Instagram account, including Girl’s Day‘s Yura, EXO‘s Kai, and Kim Soo Hyun.

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