Younha Reveals that She Fainted Via Twitter

Singer Younha revealed on March 24 via her Twitter that she had fainted, causing speculation and worry among her fans.


“I was opening the door to my bathroom when I fell over backwards. This is the first time I’ve ever fainted. The back of my head is throbbing. Is this something I have to go to the hospital for?” she wrote.

Concerned, many of Younha’s fans responded with comments like “Go to the emergency room” and “I think you might need a CT scan.” Younha then released another tweet to set her fans at ease, saying, “I’ll sleep for now and go to the hospital in the morning.”

Younha’s agency also released a statement regarding the incident, saying, “Considering the fact that she was able to discuss it on Twitter, it is likely nothing to be concerned about. However, we will take all necessary precautions just in case.”