Teaser for B1A4’s Sister Group Revealed to Show Their Cute Charm

For those of you who have wished of a girl group with the same sweet charms of B1A4 are in for some good news: WM Entertainment has announced the debut of B1A4’s sister group.

On March 26, WM Entertainment released the official teaser image for the new girl group through their official SNS with the hash tag “#OMG Ready.” They first released an image without the members’ faces. Later, they uploaded a picture with the girls’ faces showing.

wm girl group2


The members’ faces are hard to identify in even the minute long teaser video since they are never zoomed in. For the majority of the clip, they are standing still in a stiff position, although each member occasionally acts as if her attention is wandering.

The only information known for now is the members’ names: Mimi, Jiho, A Rin, Seung Hee, Jin E, Binnie, Yoo A, and Hyo Jung.

Many believe that the feminine outfits and background of the teaser hint that the group’s debut image will be cute, sweet, and innocent. Fans will be able to confirm these suspicions next month, when the new girl group will debut with their first album.