7 Beautiful Namoo Actresses Including Shin Se Kyung, Kim Hyo Jin, Jeon Hye Bin, and More for Allure

Namoo Actors‘ Shin Se Kyung, Kim Hyo Jin, Jeon Hye Bin, Do Ji Won, Kim So Yeon, Lee Yoon Ji, Kim Hyang Gi participated in a special green campaign pictorial with Allure magazine.

The lovely ladies are all wearing white and promoting a green lifestyle. Each actress shares about how they live green as well.

Shin Se Kyung revealed that she was particularly touched after watching a BBC documentary titled “The Living Planet.” She discussed how she actively tries to reduce her usage of disposable items in order to help the Earth and its animals.


Actress Kim Hyo Jin shared that after hearing about a horrific animal abuse story she became interested in the protection of animals. She further commented, “I started paying attention to things that I had thought was trivial and unimportant. I naturally began to wear more clothes made of natural materials and I also started to prefer a vegetarian centered diet.”


As for Jeon Hye Bin, she expressed her concern about mistreatment of animals. She contributed her earnings from selling cell phone cases to aid abandoned dogs. In the past, she has also participated in a photo shoot to raise awareness about abandoned pets.


Next, Lee Yoon Ji demonstrated the importance of creating good habits and remarked, “I rarely use paper cups. I always carry a tumbler and often give tumblers as gifts. Rather than forcing people to protect the Earth, I think it’s important to help people to be able to do so.”




You can see more of their pictorial and interview in the April issue of Allure magazine.

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