B1A4 Baro’s Younger Sister Revealed to Be Training Under Same Agency

It has been revealed that Cha Yoon Ji, the younger sister of B1A4’s Baro, is currently training under the same agency as B1A4, as she is preparing to make her debut through an upcoming girl group.

On March 27, a representative of WM Entertainment shared with TV Report, “It is true that Baro’s younger sister, Cha Yoon Ji, is with the agency as a trainee. She is preparing in order to debut.”

However, the agency rep continued to explain, “She is not included in the girl group that will be revealed this coming April. We are planning for [Cha Yoon Ji’s] debut through another project within this year.”

Meanwhile, WM Entertainment is set to unveil B1A4’s first-ever sister group, consisting of eight members, in April. The details of the new girl group’s debut, such as the group name or concept, have yet to be announced.

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