K.Will and Soyu Reveal Their Previous Feelings for Each Other on “Witch Hunt”

K.Will and SISTAR‘s Soyu recently raised some eyebrows on the set of JTBC’s “Witch Hunt” when they revealed that they had previously had feelings for each other.

The two explain their previous feelings for one another during the show’s latest episode. K.Will gets the conversation started after seeing Soyu for the first time on set, saying, “The way you looked at me was extraordinary,” sparking everyone’s curiosity.

Soyu then reveals that she once looked at K.Will in a new light because of his cologne. “There’s a kind of cologne that I like, and I kind of fell for him because he used that cologne,” she said. K.Will then said, “I could sense her feelings for me instantly changing. So, I quit using the cologne after that.”

The MCs then turn to K.Will and criticize him, saying, “You get her interested and then just cut it off? You’re such a bad guy.” Sung Si Kyung then chimed in, “Like they said, their feelings for each other were just a ‘scent-crush,’” drawing laughter from everyone. K.Will and Soyu then continue on with their banter throughout the filming, making comments like, “There’s never actually been a time when I felt you were a member of the opposite sex.”

You can catch the 85th episode of “Witch Hunt,” featuring K.Will and Soyu, when it airs March 27 at 11 p.m.