Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Reveals That She Has Cooked Ramen for Her Boyfriend

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri guested on JTBC‘s “Dating Alone” and revealed that she has cooked ramen for her boyfriend.

Recently, Yuri has appeared on the show as a virtual girlfriend, and in the latest episode, the tables turn so that she is the one who goes on a date with a virtual boyfriend, Seo Kang Joon.

On the episode, MCs ask Yuri, “When you were on the show as a virtual girlfriend, you made it difficult for us by making bad ramen for us. Have you ever done that in real life?” At that, she says, “In reality, I’m very good at making ramen,” and made a surprise confession, saying, “I’ve even made it for a boyfriend before.”

The MCs then mischievously ask her, “What was your boyfriend wearing at the time?” and “Where were you guys?” Yuri is flustered by the questions, and says, “These are quite dangerous waters.”

Yuri’s boyfriend talk will be revealed on “Dating Alone” on March 28.