Lim Chang Jung’s Bar Fined for Serving Alcohol to Minors

It was revealed that actor-singer Lim Chang Jung’s bar, Lim Chang Jung’s Glass of Soju, was fined for serving alcohol to minors last December.

According to his associates, “While Lim Chang Jung was too busy to be at the store during preparations for his end-of-year concerts and such, an employee made a mistake. Afterwards, Lim Chang Jung asked all of his workers to check every aspect carefully from now on so that this will never happen again in the future.”

They added, “Since it’s a bar with Lim Chang Jung’s name on it, we’ll make sure that something like this never happens again.”

It was found that police received reports that the bar was selling alcohol to teenagers, and they arrived on scene. They let off the minor, who was 18 years old, with a warning, and the business was suspended for a month, however, they opted to pay a fine instead.