Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun Are Shocked by Their New House on “We Got Married”

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun are moving to a new house on the next episode of “We Got Married,” but its location completely astounds them.

song jae rim kim so eun 3

The two are happily hanging out at home, as Song Jae Rim gives Kim So Eun a White Day gift and they make candy to celebrate the romantic holiday. Suddenly, the ominous sound of the doorbell ringing ruins the mood. They open their front door to find giant boxes and a mission card. Anxious that the card will announce the end of their virtual marriage, the two manage to get up the nerve to open the envelope, which tells them that they have to move to a new house.

song jae rim kim so eun

“This place’s address is strange,” they say, and go to look it up on the Internet. They’re completely shocked by the results and exclaim, “It’s in the middle of nowhere!” and “It’s right next to the ocean!”

Saying goodbye to the house they’ve become attached to, the two load up a moving van with their stuff and head to their new house. But they fall asleep on the way, and when they wake up they’re in a totally different place. They realize that they’re at a checkpoint, and a soldier now wants to check their ID…

Where do you think the SoRim couple has ended up?

You can watch their new adventure unfold when the episode airs on March 28!

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