Crayon Pop Will Be Holding a Global Cover Dance Event for New Song “FM”

Girl group Crayon Pop will be holding a global cover dance event in celebration of their comeback.

On March 25, the group revealed their “FM” dance practice video along with an announcement of a global cover dance event. Few groups have ever revealed their dance videos before the music video, making this a very unique case.

Chrome Entertainment, the group’s managing agency, said, “Though the actual track and music video will be revealed on March 27, we decided to release the dance video first after receiving great feedback from the showcase.”

Only YouTube videos will be subject to the cover dance event, which will be held from March 25 to April 11.

Anyone can participate by making their own version of an “FM” cover dance clip and sending the link to Chrome Entertainment’s homepage manager via email.

Crayon Pop will personally watch the videos and pick the 10 best teams. Signed CDs will be handed out as prizes.

Meanwhile, on March 26, Crayon Pop made their comeback through Mnet’s “M! Countdown.”