QUIZ: Name the K-Pop Idols in These Pre-Debut Pictures

You may think you’re an expert when it comes to K-pop idols, but could you still recognize them from their pre-debut days? Whether it’s as a teen or a child, some idols look exactly the same. Others, however, have changed completely! Want to test your idol knowledge? Then click through the gallery to do this week’s “QUIZ: Name The Idols In These Pre-Debut Pictures.” If you need help, there will be a short hint on each page. Keep track of how many you get right, then read your results on the final page.

Some of you might not recognize this idol at first glance, but if you look closely you can still see the traces of his manly face on this adorable, young teen. Who is it? HINT: He used to host a music chart show with Ryeowook of Super Junior.


It’s the super handsome Dongwoon from BEAST!


Although this mega-artist’s young face was just as pretty before, you might not recognize her without her trademark look of long hair and heavy makeup. Can you name this famous singer? HINT: She is known as one of the most powerful vocalists in K-pop.


It’s the mega-talented Hyorin of SISTAR!


This singer and actor was totally adorable back in the day with his glasses and slightly chubby face. Nowadays, he is super hot and incredibly talented. Do you recognize this idol? HINT: One of his most popular roles in a drama was as a member of a boy band.


It’s FTISLAND’s adorable lead vocalist, Lee Hong Ki.


This pretty young teen grew up to be one of the most popular members of a girl group that debuted in 2012. Do you recognize her face? HINT: Her group shot to mainstream popularity with their hit song (and super sexy dance) in 2014.


It’s the beautiful and talented Hani from EXID!


Now a member for a group that debuted in 2014, this rapper is hard to recognize in this picture as a young teen. Do you know who this is? HINT: He originally started as an undergroup rapper, then became a trainee for Block B. He ended up leaving the group before they ever debuted.


It’s the super handsome Mino from WINNER!


This natural beauty is a member (and the main vocalist) of a girl group and their sub-unit formed by Cube Entertainment. Do you recognize this K-pop star? HINT: In 2014, she stated that she had lost some of her popularity after losing weight.


It’s the talented Gayoon from 4Minute!


You might recognize this Daegu native since he was just as adorable then as he is now. He is now a member of a popular rookie band. Who is it? HINT: He is famous for looking similar to another popular boy band member at a different label.


It’s the charming and talented V of BTS!


Childhood friends or siblings? Take a look at this picture and decide. Do you recognize these popular artists yet? HINT: They first came to the attenti0n of the public in 2012 but released their first official album in 2014.


It’s the award-winning duo of Akdong Musician, siblings Chanhyuk and Suhyun!


This cute teenager turned into one of the most popular members of a boy band that debuted in 2014. You probably recognize him, right? HINT: This singer (and athlete) was born in Hong Kong.


It’s K-pop idol (and medal-winning fencer and gymnast) Jackson of GOT7!


At first, you may not recognize this striking beauty without her trademark heavy makeup and lashes. She is a singer for one of the most popular girl bands among international fans. Who is it? HINT: She studied in the USA since the sixth grade and later studies at the esteemed school, Berklee College of Music.


It’s the fabulous Park Bom from 2NE1!



It may be hard to recognize this artist since he has admitted he changed his looks with plastic surgery. With surgery or without, we would have still loved this famously funny idol. Who is it? HINT: He has spoken of his continued struggles with self-esteem after years of being made fun of for his looks.

It’s the immensely popular Kwanghee from ZE:A!


Apart from losing weight as she got older, this beautiful singer hasn’t changed much at all! Do you recognize her? HINT: She’s a popular solo artist, as well as an actress.


It’s the talented artist IU!


This singer and actor was already starting to show his good looks as a young teenager. Do you recognize this idol heartthrob? HINT: He is the member of a band and recently debuted as a solo artist as wel.


It’s the mega-talented Yonghwa from CNBLUE!


This popular singer changed immensely as she matured into a grown woman. Is it hard to recognize her from her pre-debut days? HINT: She is a member of one of the most popular girl groups in the history of K-pop.


It’s the beautiful and talented Tiffany from Girls’ Generation!


This adorable kid has only gotten cuter with time. He is now known as one of the visuals of his group. Recognize this handsome idol? HINT: He is a member of a boy band that took the world by storm in 2012.


It’s the super handsome Sehun of EXO!


These two idols have been friends for years, as evidenced by the picture on the left. Do you recognize these singers and dancers? HINT: They used to be artists at the same label.


It’s super sexy friends, Jay Park and Min (of miss A)!


Although his features haven’t changed much at all, sometimes puberty is extra good to some people. After growing up, this guy became super hot! HINT: He is a member of a popular, six-member boy band that debuted in 2012.


It’s the gorgeous Leo of VIXX!


Apart from some style changes, it’s not at all hard to recognize this beautiful K-pop star. Who is it? HINT: Not only is she a singer in a popular girl band, she is a well-known actress as well.


It’s the very beautiful Uee of After School!


The last guy on our list is hard to recognize since his style has changed so much since his early days. Do you recognize this famous idol? HINT: Although he is the youngest in his group at the age of 18, he is their lead rapper and a member of a sub-unit.


It’s the adorable and talented Zelo of B.A.P.


This native of Los Angeles moved to Korea at the age of 11 to pursue a career in music. Do you recognize this famous idol? HINT: Fans were shocked in 2014 when it was announced she was no longer a member of her group.


It’s talented fan-favorite, Jessica Jung!



YOU’RE DONE! Tally up your score, then read your results on the left. What did you score? What’s your level of idol knowledge? Let us know in the comment section below.

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