Yoo Seung Ho Describes His Ideal Type (in Great Detail)

Actor Yoo Seung Ho recently described his ideal type in great detail and also chose a female star as his ideal type.

On the broadcast of KBS‘ “Entertainment Weekly” that aired on March 28, Yoo Seung Ho and actress Park Shin Hye sat down for an interview with the entertainment news program. This was Yoo Seung Ho’s very first television interview since being discharged from the army.

During the interview, the reporter stated that there was a time when Yoo Seung Ho had chosen Park Shin Hye as his ideal type. After hearing this, the actress pointed out, “From what I remember, his ideal type changed not long after that,” to which the actor asked, “Who did it change to?” Park Shin Hye answered, “Was it IU? You remember, don’t you?” However, Yoo Seung Ho let out a shy laugh and responded, “I don’t remember.”

When asked who his current ideal type is, Yoo Seung Ho revealed, half jokingly, “My ideal type now is [Park] Shin Hye nuna,” to which the actress said, “Don’t lie!” He then explained his real ideal type: “A woman dressed in a dark-colored outfit, wearing a bag at her side. Also, she should hold a book in her arms and love animals as well,” evoking laughter with his detailed description.

Also during the interview, Park Shin Hye explained how she sees the actor: “[Yoo Seung Ho] has become more handsome/cool, but I still think he’s cute,” as they have worked together since they were younger.
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