Yoo Seung Ho Explains What Girl Groups Meant to Him While in the Army

Actor Yoo Seung Ho recently explained the kind of influence that girls groups had on him during his time while serving in the military.

On the broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly” that aired on March 28, Yoo Seung Ho appeared for an interview alongside actress Park Shin Hye for the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the actor was asked about the role of girls groups on military life, to which he responded, “It’s not only me, but all soldiers that begin their mornings with girl groups and finish off the day with girl groups at night. There’s a feeling of healing [from girl groups].”

When asked which girl group he likes the most, Yoo Seung Ho answered, “Anyone and everyone,” causing Park Shin Hye to laugh and say, “This is the first time I’ve heard anything like this come out of Yoo Seung Ho’s mouth.”

The actor continued to explain, “[Army life] is tough, but when I watched a girl group video, I felt a sense of healing. For some reason, it almost felt like the performances were just for me and it made me think that these people are providing me with strength.”