TEEN TOP’s Niel Enlists Chunji to Help Babysit Ra Yool and Ra Hee

On last week’s episode of “Oh! My Baby,” while Shoo is practicing for her salon certification, TEEN TOP‘s Niel is charged with taking care of her twins Ra Yool and Ra Hee. However, they exhaust him pretty quickly since they keep crying for their mom, and so in this week’s episode we see him calling a life line for help: his fellow TEEN TOP member Chunji.

Chunji comes to the rescue by showing up at the salon with gifts for the twins, who seem to take to him right away. Although Niel is relieved when Chunji first shows up, he’s put out when he sees how quickly they warm up to Chunji, so he starts trying to get their attention again. “I’m the one who’s been looking after you all his time!” he says. “Oppa is right here!”

teen top chunji niel 2

Still, keeping up with the twins isn’t easy, even for these two young guys. When the twins begin whining for their mom again, the two get down on their knees and try to distract them with their favorite toys and snacks.

teen top chunji niel 3
When the girls are out of the room for a bit, Niel and Chunji immediately lie down, completely wiped. But when they hear the twins’ voices, they spring to their feet again right away.

TEEN TOP are currently in Hanoi, Vietnam for the KBS special “Music Bank in Hanoi.”