Park Jin Young Gives First Perfect Score During Semi-Finals of “K-Pop Star 4”

K-Pop Star 4″ judge Park Jin Young has given out his first-ever 100 point judgement to Lee Jin Ah.

On the March 29 broadcast of the SBS singing competition show, contestants Katie Kim, Lily M, Jung Seung Hwan, and Lee Jin Ah participated in a fierce contest to reach the show’s semi-finals, or “TOP 3.” For her performance during the show’s JYP week, contestant Lee Jin Ah performed her rendition of Sanulrim’s “Reminiscence.”

The judges responded very well to her performance, with Yang Hyun Suk saying that “the piano gave me goosebumps,” giving her 90 points. Judge Yoo Hee Yeol scored her even higher, giving her 95 points and saying, “You sang a different version of the song than the one I’m used to…the song was serene, and it felt like your piano had a lot that it wanted to say. Your risk paid off.”

However, the top score came from judge Park Jin Young, who said, “It’s such a pure song. You can’t mess with it carelessly. But your voice meshed with it perfectly. Today wasn’t an audition. I’ve never given out a perfect score before,” he said as he handed down his 100 point score.

parkjinyoung_perfect score