Rap Monster Wrote BTS’ “Converse High” with His Ideal Type in Mind

Boy group BTS revealed two new songs that will be included in the group’s upcoming album this May during a recent solo concert.

On March 29, the members of BTS opened up their second concert “2015 BTS Live Trilogy: Episode I BTS Begins” to a large crowd of fans following the first night of the show, which took place on March 28.

During the concert, BTS showcased live performances of “Converse High,” as well as “Heung-tan Boys” (흥탄소년단 – combination of ‘excited’ and BTS), which are songs that will be a part of the brand new album.

“Converse High” is a track written by Rap Monster, inspired by the description of his ideal type of girl that he has always mentioned in interviews: a girl who wears red Converse shoes. Through this song, Rap Monster was able to describe his dream girl in detail. Following the performance of this track, Rap Monster shared with fans, “I’m forcing my ideal type onto the other members,” causing laughter.

“Heung-tan Boys” is a song composed by member Suga. However, every single member took part in writing the lyrics. The song is said to be based on the nickname given to the group by fans, ‘Heung-tan,’ as they have a lot of energy and excitement.

Are you looking forward to the rest of the album set for release in May?