What This Korean Guy Does to His 9-Month Pregnant Wife Is Ridiculous

The March 30 episode of “Hello Counselor,” a show that attempts to give advice to people with all types of crazy concerns, introduces one women in her ninth month of pregnancy, who has a serious, almost life-threatening concern about her husband.

The woman, currently in her last month of pregnancy, is sincerely worried about her husband, whose incessant playfulness is quite frankly, not welcome, and often dangerous, especially given that she is in her last month of pregnancy. She says, “He passes gas in my face, and when I was doing yoga, with one month left until childbirth, he grabbed my legs and held me up in a handstand.”

Clearly indicating that these are not mere isolated incidents, the wife says, “This will end up being the death of me.”

The husband, who is sitting in the audience, says that he doesn’t think he’s bothering his wife, and that it’s his way of showing affection. Jung Chan Woo, one of the hosts, responds, “But she’s bearing a child.”

“I’m showing affection to the child, too,” says the husband.

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He explains that he saw in a prenatal book about the orientation of a child facilitating childbirth, so he thought a handstand would be the solution. “I was holding on tight, so I didn’t think it was dangerous,” he says. Needless to say, the husband has an explanation for everything. When asked why he lost his grip on his wife’s legs, he says he slipped.

Clearly he wasn’t holding on tight enough.

Baek Ji Young, who is a guest for this episode alongside Ga In, Song Yu Bin, and Huh Gak, jumps in, saying that it’s something you shouldn’t do because things can go wrong.

baek ji young hello counselor

Prompted by the hosts as to why he didn’t apologize, the husband simply states, “I didn’t think it was that serious.”

Baek Ji Young lets out a sigh and pats the wife on the back…

baek ji young hello counselor 3

The stubbornness doesn’t stop there. Jung Chan Woo asks, “What if there was a miscarriage?” to which the husband states he thinks growing up “tough” in the womb is a good thing, and that’s how he was raised.

Both the wife’s and the husband’s mothers also make an appearance on the show, and reveal that they had no idea about the husband, saying that he’s usually very considerate, caring, and quiet. They express their disappointment in their son-in-law and son, respectively, saying that they don’t understand why he would do such a thing.

The husband’s twin, who also makes an appearance, even goes so far as to say “I’m embarrassed to have been born with you.”


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Simple. Disbelief.

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