Kim Soo Young Continues to Lose Weight on “Gag Concert-Last Health Boy”

Gag Concert health boy Kim Soo Young has lost a total of 47kg (103 pounds) in the last eight weeks.

The story of Kim Soo Young’s weight loss project was continued during the March 29 broadcast of KBS’s “Gag Concert-Last Health Boy,” where it was revealed that the gagman has lost 4kg (9 pounds) over the past week, going from 125.3kg to 121.2kg. “You’ve lost 47kg in 8 weeks,” Lee Seung Yoon said. “You’ve gone from extremely obese to just obese.”


The extremely skinny Lee Chang Ho, meanwhile, gained 600g over the past week, going from 56.7kg to 57.3kg (126 pounds). Bragging about his weight gain, he warned his sister to “stop wearing my clothes,” which drew laughter from everyone

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