Man Crush Monday: Lee Beom Soo’s Kwon Yul in “The Prime Minister and I”

Back in November 2014, Kwon Yul‘s contract wife, Nam Da Jung, was added to our Woman Crush Wednesday list. This week, Kwon Yul, himself, lands a spot on our Man Crush Monday edition. Although all this time has passed, the ending to “The Prime Minister and I” still hurts me, but Kwon Yul, portrayed by Lee Beom Soo, always manages to mend my heart… just as long as I avoid those last four episodes!

Putting all of that aside though, here are five reasons why Kwon Yul is crush worthy and why “The Prime Minister and I” deserves to be watched because of him (and Nam Da Jung!).

1. Kwon Yul is the kind of man who won’t sell you out.

MCM_Kwon Yul_Sell Out

While others, namely Seo Hye Joo, were perfectly content in ruining someone else’s life and image in order to save Kwon Yul from a rumor that quickly got out of hand, Kwon Yul was completely against the idea. He wanted to handle situations in an honest and upright manner, instead of stepping on someone else to get to where he needs to be. Not many people, especially those of higher ranks, would feel inclined to do so and, for me, this marked the moment I began to fall for Kwon Yul.

2. He has great views on what would make a good Prime Minister.

MCM_Kwon Yul_Qualified

Going along the lines of the first reason, Kwon Yul has really dedicated his life to being in the Blue House. His ideals are motivational and his goals are nothing short of admirable. He doesn’t stand for corruption or conspiracies and always does his best to remain forthright while thinking of how to best benefit the people of Korea. In fact, he is so career oriented that Kwon Yul practically neglects his children – emotionally, of course. Others can say that it’s a negative representation of him, but in reality, it just shows how much importance Kwon Yul places on being a good and proper Prime Minister.

3. Kwon Yul can sing!

Is there more that needs to be said here? Swoon to your hearts’ content, Soompiers! I know I did!

4. He knows how to hang with the youngsters.

MCM_Kwon Yul_Youngster

Slightly ruffled and messy hair? Check. Leather jacket? Check! Heroically coming to the wife’s rescue by getting rid of a rowdy drunk man? Double check! Kwon Yul may be an older man, but he sure knows how to get down with the young crowd by maaaybe blending in with everyone else inside a club. I don’t know if I should applaud his courage for doing so… or his insistence on resolving his conflicts with his wife by following after her with such determination. After all, her sole reason for slipping into that club was her logical thinking that Kwon Yul wouldn’t be allowed entry anyway and that Kwon Yul would be too proper to follow her into a club. Looks like Nam Da Jung was wrong and, boy, am I glad that she was!

5. He’s awkwardly warm and gentle.

MCM_Kwon Yul_Warm

You never could have known it, but behind that tough Prime Minister is a warm man with a gentle heart – he’s just terrible at expressing himself although he tries. He’s awkward, but in a really tender and touching way because it’s just so naturally Kwon Yul. The time when he secretly purchased all of Nam Da Jung’s handmade dolls, when they were escaping from the reporters together hand-in-hand, when he smiled at her sleeping form in his bed, when he taught her how to skate, and even his heartfelt confession to her about his feelings. All of these and more are reasons upon reasons to fall for Kwon Yul, no matter his age. He is definitely not the strict and mean man he initially portrayed himself to be.

Soompiers, what did you think of Kwon Yul? Were you happy to see him joining our crush list? Who else would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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