XIA Junsu Is 1st Place for 17 Days Straight and Counting on Music Chart

XIA Junsu’s third solo album “FLOWER” has been in first place on a music chart for 17 days straight and counting.

On March 31, Junsu’s management agency C-JeS Entertainment said, “XIA’s third solo album ‘FLOWER’ is continuing to have a long run on the music charts. Even after almost a month after the album release, it is still growing in popularity, recording first place for 17 days and counting on music site Bugs’ ‘Album Top 100’ chart and first place on the weekly chart for two weeks straight.”

A source commented, “It is only possible for the album to receive such steadfast love without any broadcast promotions because Junsu is loved by an extensive audience. We want to thank fans once more for sending their love and interest so steadfastly even though it’s almost been a month since the album’s release. We will return the fans’ love with an amazing performance.”

Meanwhile, the next stop of Junsu’s tour “2015 XIA 3rd ASIA TOUR CONCERT ‘FLOWER’” is Fukuoka, Japan, where he will be performing for fans from March 31 to April 1.

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