“Hogu’s Love” Choi Woo Sik Reflects on His First Leading Role

Actor Choi Wook Sik revealed his thoughts on his first leading role in his recent drama “Hogu’s Love.”

With only an episode left, “Hogu’s Love” showed the actor in his first leading role in a drama. With the role, he received much praise from viewers for his fantastic depiction of the main character, Hogu.

“I’m so happy that I was able to complete my first leading role without any problems and with a light heart. I think I will associate this drama with happy memories, but I will also have some regrets.” He further continued, “I want to thank all the actors, staff members, and viewers for helping me focus on Hogu. I also want to thank director Pyo Min Soo who guided me throughout the journey, whenever I was struggling.”

The last episode of the tvN drama will air at 11pm KST on March 31.

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