FTISLAND Becomes First Idol Group to Have Their Own Rated 19+ Reality TV Show

Five-member group FTISLAND will become the first idol group to have their own reality TV show that is rated 19+.

On March 31, it was confirmed that the group’s upcoming SBS MTV reality TV show “Coming Out! FTISLAND” has been given the 19+ rating.

A representative from SBS MTV told the press, “As ‘Coming Out!’ is the first 19+ idol reality show, we will be holding a launch party where the fans will be able to enjoy beer with the group.”

They also revealed, “We knew that FTISLAND was famous for being honest, but we were surprised to hear them say such shocking statements on camera. We decided that we had to show all of this freewheeling side of theirs.”

“Coming Out! FTISLAND” will premiere on April 7. It will be the group’s first reality TV show in nine years.