6 Reasons Why iKON Will Be The Next Hottest Boy Group

YG Entertainment released a “Who’s Next” teaser, confirming one of their groups’ comebacks. Although I was hoping that it would be referring to iKON, it turned out to be a teaser for BIGBANG‘s comeback.

Fans have been waiting for iKON’s debut since they have appeared on shows like “WIN: Who is Next” and “Mix & Match.” Although we don’t know exactly when, iKON is confirmed to debut in the first half of this year. I have seen so much of this group and just like all of their other fans, I am so excited to see what is in store for them. But until then, here are some of the reasons why iKON will be the next hottest boy group in the K-pop scene!

1) Leader B.I.


Having a strong leader is really important when it comes to K-pop groups. With all these new groups constantly coming out, iKON’s B.I. is probably one of the best leaders I have ever seen.

Due to his extraordinary talent, Yang Hyun Suk even said that he could potentially become the “2nd G-Dragon.” There is a reason why B.I. is referred to as the “2nd G-Dragon” and it’s because he possesses all the abilities, talent, and leadership that GD has.

B.I. made his entrance into the music industry at a very young age, when he featured in MC Mong‘s “Indian Boy.” Not only is he extremely talented in every way possible, but he knows how to lead his team and guide them in the right direction, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Although he has already established a solid reputation for himself, he doesn’t take the spotlight, but works hard behind the scenes to make the team look good and professional together.

Once he receives a task, he creates a clear vision for what he wants, plans it step by step, and goes after it. He knows how to motivate and push his team to work harder and passionately. He can be extremely tough and intense during practices, but he does what he has to do and says what needs to be said in order for the group to improve.

He is a charismatic leader that his members can trust and depend on. Despite his young age, he has the skills, experience, and qualifications for the job. And he gets it done with his whole body, soul, and heart.

2) Musical, Vocal, & Dance Skills

iKON is such a talented group overall. Their members are all skilled musically, vocally, and they also have amazing dance abilities. They also have this energy and vibe that matches YG’s.

I think they also have a good balance of vocalists and rappers. Their vocalists consist of Kim Jin Hwan, Goo Junhoe, Song Yun Hyeong, Kim Dong Hyuk, and Jung Chan Woo and their rappers are B.I. and Bobby. They all possess extraordinary dancing abilities. They are always synchronized with their moves and they try to portray the lyrics of their songs into their routines. Their choreography is always on point! I personally love Junhoes’ husky voice, but when they sing and perform together, they shine the brightest because they all compliment one another.

But with this much talent comes a lot of sweat, tears, blood, and practice. Seeing them on shows like “WIN” and “Mix & Match” made me realize how hard this group had to work during their training days and even while on the shows. They are constantly preparing and practicing until dawn and they don’t even rest until they have every dance move and song perfected. Their hard practices are driven by their passion and dedication to their dreams and goals.

The next video not only shows B.I.’s strong and firm (almost intense) leadership, but it really proves how late and how hard they practice and prepare for their performances.

3) Dedicated Fan Club


If this is your first time hearing about iKON, you should definitely check out some of their performances because I promise you, you will become a fan! iKON has already established a strong following and solid fan club because of shows like “WIN,” “Mix & Match,” and “Show Me the Money 3.” Because they were already on various shows and gained a lot of attention from the viewers, iKON was able to further capture the hearts of their fans with their charm, talent, skills, and music.

When the group was on the show “Mix & Match,” there was a chance that they would have a change in their members, but through the viewer voting system, their fans were determined to keep them together. During many of their performances, you can see their fans from all over Asia just smiling and crying their eyes out. Songs like “Wait for Me” are not only well-composed, but they just really speak to their fans. They have a really dedicated fan base. They are waiting for the day iKON finally makes their highly anticipated debut!

4) YG Entertainment


YG Entertainment is one of the big three companies of K-pop. YG Entertainment doesn’t come out with boy groups, or let alone any groups, often. Because they don’t quickly produce group after group, fans know that when YG produces a new group, it is going to be an amazing team. Every artist that comes out of YG has been successful, starting from BIGBANG, 2NE1, Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, and WINNER.

YG puts a lot of effort into their artists and they take their time preparing them each step of the way. And when the artist comes out, they go all out and support them 100%, providing them with what they need to be successful. To be honest, YG Entertainment is successful financially as well, so they are able to do a lot for their artists, in terms of preparation and promotions. With an awesome and dedicated company like YG Entertainment, iKON has and will continue to rise to the top.

5) Original Music

iKON is a group that can do everything! Although they are really good at singing and rapping, they are also known for their musical composing abilities.

B.I. and Bobby write and compose almost all of their music and they make some pretty awesome music. B.I. and Bobby wrote and composed WINNER’s “Empty” with Song Min Ho and the two members also collaborated with Epik High on their song, “Born Hater.” You could see their names in the credits for those songs!

They have experience composing music for other artists and featuring in their music as well. Not only do they produce their own music, but the songs they create have these ideas and themes that audiences can relate to and sympathize with. When music is relatable, that is when music has done more than simply entertain. Their music touches the hearts of their fans and audiences with their meaningful lyrics and beautiful melodies. On the other hand, their music can also be really fun and upbeat and they have songs that the audience can dance to and enjoy. Some of their popular original songs include “Climax,” “Wait for Me,” and “Just Another Boy.”

6) Stage Performance

One thing that I love about iKON and a reason why I think they are different than other groups is the fact that they just have so much fun while performing. They practice extremely hard, but when they perform, it doesn’t feel like something they rehearsed over and over again. It just looks like they are doing what they love and just enjoying their performance on stage. When the artist is having fun, the audience will be able to respond in the same way.

iKON brings their 120% to every performance because that is how much they love it and how passionate they are. Each member brings their own charm to their performances, which in turn causes their female fans to swoon and scream. Their performances are always well put together and they are always in sync with their choreography, which is so cool to watch.

Although some members have been disqualified from the group, I personally love their dance performance of “Rocket & Hot in Herre,” which they performed on “Mix & Match.” You could see their energy, passion, and enthusiasm in their unit performances, including “Let it Go,” “Sinosijak,” and “Let’s Get It Started.” But overall, when they perform they have so much fun, but they are also professional and charismatic, as a team altogether.

I am so excited for iKON to debut and bring some more music to their fans. There are so many reasons why this group will be successful and hopefully will dominate with their talent and music. Although BIGBANG is on a level of their own, I think iKON could potentially be a group as successful and popular as BIGBANG because of their abilities and teamwork.

Why do you love iKON? Why do YOU think they will be the next hottest group? Tell me your thoughts about iKON in the comments below!

bubblybribri is a Soompi feature writer who loves the original DBSK, but is waiting for iKON’s debut! Although she loves all the iKON members, she especially loves B.I. and Bobby. She also enjoys watching K-POP Star! You can connect/follow her on Twitter and ask her any of your questions about anything Korean entertainment!

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