Tony Ahn’s Idol Group SMASH Has Disbanded

It has been belatedly revealed that male group SMASH disbanded at the end of last year.

Produced by former H.O.T member Tony Ahn, the group promoted in both Japan and Korea after debuting in 2008. Despite having a stable fan base, SMASH has not promoted in Korea since last spring, and halted all Japanese activities in December.

According to reports, SMASH could no longer be sustained due to personal reasons and members’ military enlistment. Some members also departed from the group, making it difficult for SMASH to continue.

A representative of the group revealed, “At one point in 2014, we worked extremely hard to choose and train new members to revive SMASH. We sent a newly organized SMASH to the stage with new members and prepared for a single album. In October, we promoted the single album and followed up with a year-end concert. This is when Minkyu left the group due to personal reasons, and we ended up letting go of three original members.”

While the company had plans for future promotions, all parties ultimately decided to go their separate ways.

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