Soul Shop Releases CCTV Video of Kil Gun Cursing Incident Mentioned in Statement

Soul Shop Entertainment has released the CCTV video of the cursing incident mentioned in their recent statement, which claimed that singer Kil Gun made threats to the company and that her inappropriate behavior made it difficult to continue having her on the label.

On March 31, the day of Kil Gun’s press conference, Soul Shop released audio-less footage of an interaction between Kil Gun and Kim Tae Woo in the studio. In the beginning of the one minute and 42 minute-long clip, the two are having a calm conversation. However, things escalate quickly as Kil Gun seems to get upset. She talks more animatedly and throws a cellphone and later a water bottle.

As if frustrated, Kil Gun wipes away her tears as she continues to talk. Throughout the exchange, Kim Tae Woo seems to keep his cool, barely moving as he listens to Kil Gun.

Soul Shop claimed, “On October 13 at 10:40 p.m. on the fourth floor recording studio of the company, Kil Gun had a meeting with Kim Tae Woo. That day, Kim Tae Woo told Kim Gun that releasing an album within the year (2014) would be difficult and that they should prepare thoroughly to release an album in February of 2015.

“At this, Kil Gun demanded that he take out a loan to pay her 3 million won (approximately $2,700 USD) every month, and when Kim Tae Woo responded that further loans from the company are impossible, Kil Gun [dropped the Korean equivalent of the f-bomb] and caused a commotion with curses, shouts, threats and threw a cellphone on recording equipment.

“You can confirm these behaviors through the CCTV, and while you can’t hear the audio recording, you can confirm by looking at the shape of her mouth.”

At her press conference, Kil Gun addressed the CCTV footage, “Before making a contract, Soul Shop Entertainment thankfully offered, after hearing about the injustices I suffered at my previous agency, to issue me an advance payment of about 12 million won (approximately $10,800 USD) saying to focus on just album production […] I received the advance payment with gratitude, and I planned on working hard to faithfully repay it.”

She continued, “However, I received no work and was told countlessly by director Kim Ae Ri (Kim Tae Woo’s wife) ‘Kil Gun-si, you should pay back the money.’”

Kil Gun claimed that during the meeting captured by the CCTV, she was “asking for work. I was not asking for money but was asking he give me work. The related reports about me asking Kim Tae Woo for 3 million won every month are not true.”

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