Yewon to Be Edited Out of Upcoming “Our House” Episode; Removal from Show Being Discussed

JTBC‘s “Our House” is planning on editing out Yewon, who is one of the main cast members, from its upcoming episode. Following that, her removal from the show is also being discussed.

A JTBC associate said on April 1, “On April 6, the episode of ‘Our House’ that was not aired on March 30 will air as planned. Yewon will be edited out as much as possible.”

They said, “We are also discussing multiple possibilities regarding her removal from the show. A conclusion regarding that will be reached soon.”

Earlier, “Our House” producers said on March 30, “Because of issues with the cast, ‘Our House’ will not air.” Instead, “Dating Alone” was aired.

Meanwhile, Lee Tae Im and Yewon have been involved in a swearing controversy on “Tutoring Across Generations,” which resulted in Lee Tae Im’s removal from the show. Recently, a video of the incident was released, reigniting the issue.

Both Yewon and Lee Tae Im issued apologies following the release of the video.

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