New SBS Variety Show “Same Bed, Different Dreams” Earns Top Ratings

The pilot of new SBS variety show “Same Bed, Different Dreams” aired March 31, recording the best ratings for its time slot.

According to Nielsen Korea, the pilot episode of “Same Bed, Different Dreams,” filling in the time slot after the last-minute cancellation of regularly broadcasted “Roommate 2,” recorded a 5.1 percent viewership rating. Despite being a 0.2 percent decline in ratings from the previous broadcast of “Roommate 2,” the show received the best ratings in its time slot.

Meanwhile, the panel for the new variety show’s first broadcast consisted of Ji Suk Jin, Jang Young Ran, AOA’s Jimin, actor Noh Tae Yub, announcer Park Eun Kyung, and reporter Lee Han Suk.

“Same Bed, Different Dreams” is a variety show where teens and their parents come and openly share their issues with the show’s panel. It is MCed by Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Gu Ra.

Check out the preview for the first episode below:

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