Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Gura’s New Pilot “Same Bed, Different Dreams” Makes Entire Studio Cry

MC Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Gu Ra‘s latest pilot variety program “Same Bed, Different Dreams” left quite an impression on the audience.

“Same Bed, Different Dreams” discusses real issues between parents and their adolescent children. The pilot episode of the program, which aired on SBS on March 31, showed a mother and a daughter who only interacted via instant messaging for the past two years.

The show offered glimpses into the everyday life of the daughter, in her first year of middle school. She was seen constantly messaging others on her phone, not communicating verbally with her mother. Although the audience first judged her behavior, thinking she was addicted to her smartphone like many other teens, as her story was told, they soon realized that they were mistaken.

It was revealed that her mother only initiated conversation with her through instant messages. Not only that, her mother treated her little sister completely differently, actively interacting with the younger child.

The mother explained, while tearing up, “We were always getting into arguments so I ended up communicating with her through texts.” The daughter also commented, “[My mom] took my friend’s side when we fought, when I was in grade five. I think after that, I became distant.” Their story brought the entire studio to tears, as they tried to apologize to each other.

The show offered a place for the family to reconcile and become closer. In the epilogue footage, the two seemed much closer after appearing on the show.

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