The Absolute Best of April Fools’ in Korean Schools

Ahh April Fools’ Day. In Korea, it’s called Man Woo Jeol (만우절 –萬愚節), which translates to “very foolish holiday.” A day when everything from tiny lies to faked deaths is, in the end, forgivable. Within reason.

Specifically in schools in Korea, it’s a time of teamwork and solidarity. One does not simply prank without the help and cooperation of every single schoolmate. Because that’s how you show everyone up, have fun, make lives difficult, and keep your teachers on their toes.

Here’s the best of the foolery Korean students engage in on April 1 every year:

A fundamental April Fools’ Day prank in Korea.. the class move.. to the soccer field.

april fools korean schools 12

But the show must go on.. sorry kids. Teacher found ya. And he brought his podium. (Students: 0; Teacher: 1).

april fools korean schools 13

If the soccer field is unavailable, then the roof it is. A collaborative effort between classes. That’s dedication. Yay teachers for playing along.

april fools korean schools 14

They call it the zero gravity class. I call it the lazy class. Look at your fellows out in the field! On the roof!

april fools korean schools 15

Where’s class 1-1…? Oh, there it is.

april fools in korean schools

Creepy… but way to go getting everyone to wear their clothes backwards.

april fools korean school 4

april fools korean schools 5

Invisible students? Psh. The REAL prank is 50 naked students running around somewhere. (Students: 1; School + innocent bystanders: 0).

april fools korean school 6

I think she’s stuck. Immediate regret, is what this one’s called. (Student: 0)

april fools korean schools 7

“Teacher… It’s been… too hard… we’re sorry…” Morbid.

april fools korean schools 8

april fools korean schools 9

Nap time?

april fools korean schools 10

Either.. this guy fell asleep lying in wait. Or… nobody wanted to prank with him.

april fools korean schools 11

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