Fan Friday: Soompi's Hyde Jekyll, Me Fans Support The Cast

While the SBS drama “Hyde Jekyll, Me” may have had its ups and downs, the Soompi HAJINA thread (acronym for the drama’s Romanization Haideu, Jikil, Na) were untied in their fierce support of both the cast and crew of the drama.

As the fans began discussing their love for the drama in Soompi’s official thread, a few members began to speculate on how international fans could make their support known to the cast and crew. Members luci13 and Jimin12 decided to reach out to the HAJINA DC Gallery to convey the international fans huge interest in sending support to the “Hyde Jekyll, Me” team through whatever means possible.

With the gracious help of Ms. Karam of HAJINA DC,  Soompi HAJINA was able to contribute to the food and coffee truck support held on March 19. It was told Hyun Bin was there and received the food through his manager. Han Ji Min approached the support team for photos because she was thankful for the fans and even took a photo with the banner! What a sweet gesture!


The project wasn’t over until photo books made with letters of support from fans all over the world reached Hyun Bin, Han Ji Min and the “Hyde Jekyll, Me” PD.  With the project team coordination and participation of almost 50 members, the books were printed and sent to Korea just in time for the production’s wrap up party on March 27.  The photo books contain messages from fans, fan arts coming from the creative works of members, and a dedication tree with member’s digital signatures on it.  Also, thanks to the consolidated donations of Soompi members,  two bouquets of flowers were given to Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min. Hyun Bin even received the flowers directly! The two main leads might have been dead tired because of the hectic filming schedule, but they were able to receive the gifts with a smile. Good job to Soompi HAJINA! (See all of the supporters here.)


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