INFINITE’s Hoya to Join “Mask” and Act with Soo Ae

INFINITE‘s Hoya has been confirmed to act in SBS‘s upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama “Mask.”

A representative from SBS revealed, “Hoya is confirmed to act in ‘Mask’ and will act as Soo Ae‘s brother.”

The idol group member and actor will act as Byun Ji Sook (Soo Ae)’s younger brother named Ji Hyuk. Byun Ji Hyuk is a troublemaker in his twenties who makes things difficult for his family, but genuinely cares for his parents and sister.

Hoya showed off his acting skills in 2012 with tvN‘s “Reply 1997” as Kang Joon Hee. Later he acted in SBS’s “My Lovely Girl” and also acted in the movie “Hiya” (pronounced Hee ya) which will be in theaters this year.

Meanwhile, “Mask” is about a woman named Ji Sook who hides her identity and becomes a daughter-in-law to a conglomerate family. Min Woo who loves her doesn’t care about her background and tries to protect her while others try to reveal her true identity and exact revenge upon her. “Mask” will air after “The Girl Who Sees Smells” ends in May.

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