“Tutoring Across Generations” Production Crew Apologize for Leak of Video of Yewon and Lee Tae Im

Actresses Yewon and Lee Tae Im have been embroiled in a scandal for more than a month over an incident that took place on the film set of MBC‘s drama “Tutoring Across Generations.” The scandal was exacerbated by the release of a video of their verbal clash on March 27.

For the first time since the scandal erupted, the production team of “Tutoring Across Generations” has officially commented on the conflict by apologizing for the release of the video.

Their apology was posted on the show’s official website on April 3, the day after the last episode aired.

“We sincerely apologize for the damage caused to many people after the video of last February’s shoot was leaked on March 27,” they say.

They then add, “Our production crew is now undertaking all the required steps to ensure that this kind of video leak does not happen again. Our staff think it is a shame that the two affected parties, who had already reconciled early last month, were forced to endure further difficulties because of the leaking of this video.”

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