Yewon and Henry’s Full Segment Airs on “We Got Married”

Following the leak of a controversial video of Yewon and actress Lee Tae Im on the set of “Tutoring Across Generations,” MBC had announced on March 26 that the broadcast of Yewon and Henry’s segment on “We Got Married” would be postponed to the following week due to a baseball broadcast.

After the video leak, there was a flood of demands on the “We Got Married” homepage calling for Yewon’s dismissal from the program. Despite the network’s silence on their intended course of action, Henry and Yewon’s full segment was aired on April 4.

During the episode, Henry gifts Yewon a dress that he picks out himself and later proposes to Yewon with the song “Marry You” by Bruno Mars.

Are you looking forward to seeing the couple continue on the show?

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