Boyfriend’s Donghyun Credits K.Will for Sending Him to College

Boyfriend’s Donghyun reveals his unique teacher-student relationship with K.Will on the most recent episode of MBC’s “Quiz Around the World.”

During the broadcast, Donghyun explains that “K.Will sent me to (vocal) college.” Elaborating, K.Will says, “I gave him vocal lessons. He then took the college entrance test and ended up getting in.”

Describing K.Will’s intense teaching style, Donghyun then surprises everyone when he says, “He made me sing the same short measure of an Eric Bennet song called “Still With You” for an entire month.” When asked if he still remembers it, Donghyun then treats the audience to a brief rendition of the measure.


You can watch the full exchange from the show in the clip below.

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