Kim Sung Min's Wife Blames Herself for the Actor's Latest Drug Charges

Actor Kim Sung Min‘s wife recently had an interview with media outlet The Fact, where she said that her husband’s recent drug problems were because of her.

Previously, Kim Sung Min was convicted of illegally purchasing methamphetamine, commonly known as meth.

In the interview, the actor’s wife Lee Hanna showed tears and expressed her concerns for her husband. “Even after we got married, I could not fully understand him and I made him suffer,” she said. “We had a huge fight, and he even became suicidal. Then he did things he shouldn’t have done.”

Kim Sung Min will be having his first trial on April 10. He is currently held at Sungdong Detention Center.

“He’s been sending me 10-page letters everyday since he’s been detained,” said Lee while crying, “when I read his letters, I realize how much of a terrible wife I was, and how mean I was to him all this time.”

“He is deeply regretful of what he did. It may be more difficult for him as he is a celebrity, but I believe it is something that I should help, as I am his wife. We promised that he will be treated at the hospital as soon as he is released.”

Currently, a petition is going around in the entertainment industry for his case. One acquaintance said, “Although Kim Sung Min has made the same mistake again, he is a good person and was well-received by fellow actors.” They added, “We are hoping that the court will give him one last chance at redeeming himself.”

In her initial petition to the court, Lee Hanna said, “It hurts me to think that I might be largely responsible for Kim Sung Min to commit this crime. We had a very serious fight and he attempted suicide in October. [His drug issues] happened in November.”

Kim Sung Min was arrested at his home on March 11 for purchasing and possessing meth in November. This was not the first time he was arrested for drug charges, as he was arrested in 2008 for smuggling meth from Philippines and in 2011 for smoking marijuana.

He married dentist Lee Hanna in 2013.

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