“Running Man” Looking for Shoe Designs Through Fan Contest

Attention all fans of SBS‘s “Running Man,” it’s time to get creative! The show is currently accepting fan-made designs for special “Running Man” shoes!

It’s not clear if the members of the “Running Man” team will be wearing the winning shoes on the show, but they will be on sale for fans to purchase to show off their love for their favorite variety program.

Fans can submit their idea on the contest web page. If you’re designing a shoe, keep in mind that the website includes two important notes: “Participating designers should include a new symbol mark with the shoe design. All designs must be completely original and not contain any personal branding of the designer.”

The deadline is midnight (KST) on April 26, and the winner will be announced two weeks after submissions close.

There will be one grand prize awarded to the “Champion Designer,” who will be given 2% of net sales. Seven “Top Designers” will receive a collection of the new shoes, and 77 other participants will be awarded a single pair of the new shoes in recognition of their great idea!

Are you going to submit a design for “Running Man” shoes?

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